Scientific Literacy

What is scientific Literacy?  I believe it is the foundation for life to exist and prosper.  At the root of it, understanding how the world works better informs the decisions you make in your day-to-day lives.  It governs your decision making to better your self and the world around you.

You could almost use any aspect in life as an example because science is all around us.  One example I recently stumbled upon was an active ingredient in many cereals that are out there today.  I have always been told be careful what you eat, but Mainly I think of that as fruits and veggies over grease and processed foods.  I recently bought a box of Lucky Charms cereal, one of my child hood favorites.  I noticed that the second ingredient on the nutrition list was sugar...and the 11th was trisodium phosphate.  That one took me by surprise.  Because of my science background, I knew that was some type of chemical, so I looked it up.  It happens to be an active degreasing agent that is used as a paint thinner and can be found at any hardware store.  Doing a little more research I realized why they put it in, it not only cuts down on the greasy taste, it also acts as an anti-molding agent to preserve the cereal.

While the FDA may approve the small amounts in the cereal, I still remain take caution when putting that in my system.  Maybe in one serving size it may not be hazardous, but I never just eat one cup of cereal.  And over a life time of eating it, what then?  My advice to everyone is to understand that science literacy can truly prolong and better your life and the decisions you make.